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Seal Watching Cruise Long Island

Quick Details

Adult Ages 11+
Child Ages 5-10
Infant Ages 4 & Under

Encounter the Harbor Seals of the South Shore

If you love wildlife, you’re sure to love our seal watching and eco-tour! Come join us on a leisurely tour of our local bays in the the comfort of our 44-foot enclosed boat and encounter seals and other wildlife. This is a great tour for families!

Each year, more and more harbor seals inhabit the bays on the South Shore from the late fall to the early spring. Here, they have no fear of predators and are free to find mates and give birth to pups. Once the pups are large enough to travel, usually by the end of April, the seals start the migration back north for the summer months.

Please note that since seals are a migratory species that migrate into the area due to water temperature and the availability of food, we cannot guarantee when they will arrive or leave the area. Due to the weather during the time of the year these cruises are offered, we recommend wearing water resistant boots and warm clothing.