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  • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Sunset Cruise Freeport, NY

Quick Details

Adult Ages 10+
Private Charter Includes 28 People

Take in Long Island’s Scenic Coast at Sunset Boat Ride

Experience one of the most beautiful sunsets cruising Freeport, the perfect way to end a relaxing summer day! Depart from our port in Freeport, NY, and sail to Jones Beach, located on Long Island’s southern coast. Take in over 6.5 miles of sprawling, white-sand beaches, the perfect backdrop for your South Shore boating adventure.

When we reach Jones Beach, we circle the island to ensure that you can view the entire sunset. Look out over the clear ocean waters, painted in rich pink and purple hues as the sun sinks below the horizon. You don’t want to miss out on the unbeatable panoramic views of this sunset boat ride!

Sit back and relax as your sunset cruise glides through the tranquil waters off the Long Island coast. Sip on a cocktail from our Nite Blues bar and listen to upbeat Calypso music throughout this peaceful journey. Get ready to experience the wonders of the South Shore on the water and book your sunset tour today!

Note: Be sure to bring a valid ID if you want to enjoy drinks from our bar.